zaterdag 7 december 2013

Leuven centraal Jailhouse demo, october 2010

One day we got a phonecall from Jones from Twits asking if we were interested to skate in a demo they set up in Leuven Centraal Jail on a monday. There would be a ramp provided by Rampaffairs and we would have to skate a couple of times for the prisoners. Off caurse we we're stoked so we took the day off on monday, a lot of rippers were invited and psyched for that day.
The sunday before that day I suddenly got  a phonecall from Jones asking if I could gather skaters because there had been a mistake, the demo was that sunday.. Most of the locals were off to Holland for a shop battle and the ramp had been installed by Rampaffairz in the middle of the jailyard but no skaters there! So I called around and found a small crew (not easy to find skaters on a sunday around 12 am) who were able to get there within the hour. It was me, Lenny, Bjorn and Kwinten.
We got there, were asked to leave our beers and valuables in the lockers for the visitors as beers are very wanted by the inmates! I asked if I could take pictures, that was ok as long as there were no inmates on it.
Walking through the hallways between the cells was a crazy experience, we got at the jailyard to see the beautifull ramp. Got to warm up a bit and then they let the first series of inmates out for watching the demo.
These guys were really cool towards us and stoked for the event. Some of the prisoners didn't care about the thing, walking rounds around the yard, others doing some waitlifting and exercises just like in the movies, crazy atmosphere!!! Great session and a once in a lifetime experience!!

Leuven Centraal Jail

The yard and Rampaffairz amazing ramp

Demo's on, Kwinten Dewulf Crailslide

Fabian came with the Rampaffairz crew popping melons  to fakie

Wimme Airwalking out of the ramp, freedom within prison walls

Lenny bs nosegrab while two inmates are walking their rounds in the background

Bjorn carving

Lenny was on fire, benihana's to fakie

The sky is the limit, Lenny melon to  fakie

This punk guy came up to us handing us this tape to spread  on the outside. They had a punkband, 107, inside playing classic punk covers, good stuff!

Tx for the great day, Leuven Centraal, Twits Leuven and Rampaffairz!! and last but not least the riders, Bjorn Kesters, Kwinten Dewulf, Lenard Vranckx, (Wim Dewaele but that's me so  ;)

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