donderdag 25 maart 2010


Leuven's own TA goes Jamie Thomas! Tom Artois laybacking (or front) in the frontside boardslide

zondag 14 maart 2010

Zaventemse zaterdagen

Click on the pictures for big size
ronny ollie

tomme ollie

tomme ollie1



and a nice little fire to end the day, it was a good day!

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Sun was shining, finally! session chez Kesters! Click for full big size!

Chad bs boneless
chad bsboneless

Timmeke FS melon
timme fs melon

Tim tucking his knee
timme tuck

Chad FS 5-O
chad 5-0

Timme blunt frontside in
timme fs blunt

Wilmo bs indy to bs tail
wilmo bs to tail

Wilmo halfcab ollie bs
wilmo halfcab